I love my spammers. Keep them coming!

I love my spammers. Keep them coming!

I probably get 30+ spam comments a day. My site just filters them out and will delete them if ignored, but I have found some rare gems in there (as well as an occasional real comment). Here are my top 10 favourites for the week. Grammar optional.

  1. He had to go away Nacogdoches (come. I looked up Nacogdoches. Turns out it is a town in Texas recently in the news for women smuggling tobacco into the jails. Damn right I want to come! This is practically a tourism brochure.
  2. Her father or mother would have been a las vegas police officer along with her mothers Vegas showgirl, where deceased including cancerous cells in case Jenna ended up 3. I think the 3 is meant to be a boob emoticon. After all, she was a Vegas showgirl before she where deceased.
  3. I’m taking a look forward on your subsequent publish, I’ll try to get the kling of it! I think they meant Klingon. How did they know I was going to night school? tlhIngan maH! 
  4. Subject matter selling, splash out on otherwise swap most likely taken out your poster not allowed. Wah?
  5. Who makes Nike problem around wednesday even more noteworthy. Funny thing is I was just saying that to someone, on Wednesday.
  6. Pub Quiz TriviaWhen she impersonated Margaret Thatcher on the front cover of Tatler, the suit Vivienne wore had actually been ordered by Thatcher but not yet delivered. When the truth was out, the Iron Lady was furious. I am heading to the pub now to look like a f’n genius!
  7. continue to, It’s a worldwide getting place for all of us originally from Qatari excellent with oriental expats to finally Pakistani labourers baby sitters Filipina. There are so many wonderful sentiments here that I would have thought it a super-fan speaking if it weren’t for the fact that it was from ‘get cheaps uggs/nfl jerseys’ dot com. So sad, because I was thinking of adding them to my Christmas list.
  8. Lançado o conto mais adquirido segundo o skoob.@ Vale acessar aqui completamente grátis!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth.
  9. perform is part of it, And I appreciate this, So I don’t need someone to flick me in that way. Say it Sista!
  10. And my personal favourite… 4800 S. Kind of says it all doesn’t it?


My typical spam queue. I love how many links I can follow if I really need Uggs for cheap or NFL jerseys, Gucci or Ray Ban! Very convenient.

My typical spam queue. I love how many links I can follow if I really need Uggs for cheap or NFL jerseys, Gucci or Ray Ban! Very convenient.

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  1. I had a guy named FronToove who was spamming my site 20-30 times a day for a while. Kind of miss him now…

  2. This did make me chuckle, I particularly like the sentiment of the Gentleman (I’ve decided it’s a gentleman) in number 4. Very poignant.

  3. Haha this is so funny! Spam comments are beyond weird. I don’t know why they bother, they must know most people have blockers on them! There has only been one that I was almost fooled by and that was someone saying they didn’t want to have emails from me but then I saw who posted- Nike. Brilliant.

  4. Since the last Google update I haven’t had any spam comments on my blog. Such a shame as I’m running out Minnie Driver cosmetics and Michael Kors handbags!

  5. Spam comments can be weird can’t they? Besides the ray bans and Uggs etc, some are so peculiar I’m sure they’re produced by a random word generator x #TheList

  6. OMG I LOVE this post! Hilarious! i want to go to Nacogdoches too – I hope they leave that comment with me soon.

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx

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