Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

I had a fabulous weekend of love. You see, I found a new group of SuperMoms* who invited me into their tree fort. I’ve never been in a tree fort before they call it a cadre**.

I joined BLUNTmoms this week! See my new fancy button on the right? As a group they are irreverent, bitchy, boob-obsessed and down-right rude. My kind of peeps!

I have bamboozled them into thinking I can write and they have already published three of my articles. You can see them all here, but be warned, they are a bit edgier than my usual zombie raccoon stuff.

imageBeing a writer can be kind of a lonely gig. You are lost in your own thoughts most of the time and they usually make sense only to me. Things I find funny on the inside may come across as dark and miserable to others.  I am very fortunate to have been accepted into the BLUNTmoms inner circle and feel that my writing can only improve with their kick-in-the-ass kind of guidance.

Please support my new friends by subscribing to BLUNTmoms, following their blogs or Facebook/Twitter pages. There is a little something for everyone to be found in those hallowed halls.

** I had to look up cadre. Wikipedia gave me these definitions:

  • Cadre (military), a group of officers or NCOs around whom a unit is formed, or a training staff
  • Cadre (comics), a DC Comics supervillain group
  • Professional revolutionaries or a cadre: in Leninism, an organized revolutionary vanguard aimed at moving society to the realisation of communism

I’m a bit partial to the supervillain definition. Thus, SuperMoms.


  1. Congrats!

  2. What about blanket forts does that count? How about if I use the really BIG couch cushions to prop it up? It’s about forts, right? Shit. It’s NOT about forts? Oh…writing. Yeah, I do that too but I’m better at fort building. Congrats!!! They should be proud to have you.

  3. I want to read all of this–looks super cool!–but I’m figuring I should wait until I get home from work. I’m pretty sure I’ve already been flagged for “questionable” internet usage around here. 🙂

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