10 Reasons I’m Scared to be Seen at #BlissDomCA

10 Reasons I'm Scared to be Seen at #BlissDomCA

photoI am attending my first blogging conference Thursday-Saturday. Sounds like fun right? HA. It can’t possibly be fun. Sure, there will be three days away (I said AWAY) to concentrate on my blog. Sure, I will be with friends (shout out to my peeps – you can follow them below). Sure, I will be educated on much of the stuff I am struggling with. But, I will also be terrified for these reasons:

  1. #ThrowbackThursday party. I dug out the gogo boots and seventies outfit but it is a bit (a lot) form fitting and I am not sure everyone there will be all about THAT bass.
  2. In my own little micro world I am doing great! Cue all these people who have been blogging for, like forever, and I will feel small and stupid.
  3. What if people don’t like me in person? Mister laughed and said ‘have you normally had that problem?’. Truthfully, no, but that was not helpful.
  4. There are too many things I have to miss! When I am in one session I will be missing heaps of other good things. What if the one piece of information that would have opened the heavens for me is in another room and I miss it? Besides, Amazing Race is on. I love The Amazing Race. And, there is a bed with nobody snoring in it. That’s good too!
  5. I couldn’t get into one of the speakers on Thursday. I will be wandering with nothing to do but shop. That’s not good.
  6. What if I am in the middle of a story and someone says ‘tell me something else, because I read this already on your blog’. One side, flaterring. One side, holy shit I have nothing else. Crickets… People might realize I am not as interesting as I appear on screen.
  7. What if the coffee is lousy. I am not good without good coffee. I repeat, I am not good without good coffee!
  8. I will end up with a huge list of things I want to do/need to do and I don’t have more room on my list!
  9. It is only 3 days. I have about 27 solid days of learning required to get to the bare minimum of what I want to do, but it is only three days!
  10. My family will be fine without me. That’s what makes me crazy! They don’t need me, therego, I am replaceable. What am I going to do from 7am-830am each day now as they get ready without my help? Sleep? HA.

Despite my anxiety, or because of it, I am pumped about going. Hopefully I will have some fabulous stories to share. Please check out my friends when you get a chance and wait for the updates. Cross your fingers on that coffee for me will ya? Otherwise, I might have to call in the reserves.

http://the-sticky-kitchen.com Alison will have you cooking!

http://fallinginstyle.net Iva sure knows how to put together and outfit!

http://www.citrussilver.com Karen has personalized silver and jewelry that you can’t live without!

http://righttrackeducation.ca Jane knows the ins and outs of schools more than anyone I have ever met!

My friend Sperry is just starting, but you can follow her on Twitter until her blog is up.


  1. This is exactly how I felt when I went to Britmums for the first time this year. I had total little fish in a big pond syndrome. But you’ll have a blast! It’ll be a whirlwind but you’ll be fine! x

  2. Hey at least you have the brass to go check it out. Everyone there will be secretly spazzing out in their own version of awkwardness so you won’t be alone. And you will come back with good stories I bet. Toss some nippits in your purse – it makes making friends easier or it’s always fun to crack one open on the elevator ride if everyone is too quiet. And your family will privately fall apart without you they just won’t admit it.

  3. So awesome to meet you! I miss you already 🙂
    And, for the record, you looked totally hot in the disco outfit. Work it, baby!

  4. So…how did it turn out? Did you learn a lot, gain more readers, etc.?

    BTW, is it a drag for me to comment on these “in case you missed it” posts? Be honest. I can take it!

  5. […] Speaking of… I am headed to BlogU this Friday. This is a blogging conference in the States and I am pretty much terrified that my vision of myself as a writer will be squashed like an Australian green tree bug at Christmas. Shit, I gave away too much. Wish me luck and watch for the action on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. I’ll be back next week to send out the book and write about my adventures. In the meantime, here is what I wrote about when I attended the Canadian Blogging Conference Blissdom before I went the first time. […]

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