This One is for You – you know who you are

This one is for my friend K. She didn’t laugh out loud at all my blog entries but suggested a video blog because she thinks I am funny telling my stories in person. Here’s what happened:

Tried to do video blog.

Heard my voice and realized I sound just like my mother.

To be clear, my mother has a perfectly lovely voice but it belongs to her not me.

Tried again to do video blog.

Again with the voice.

Decided that my daughter’s voice was better but the content didn’t suit her (bit too adult) so I audio dubbed her trying to get our car to change radio stations with the voice activations. This is an 11 minute audio clip that I squished for you to 1.35 minutes because I love you all.

Story is still funny. Wish you could have heard it. If you are a lip reader–enjoy.

Kristine Out (I am on vacation as of this morning so you won’t hear from me until Monday. Before you call your friend Raoul to get his crowbar… we have a housesitter and a killer dog here waiting for him).


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