To My Corkcicle, With Love

To My Corkcicle, With Love

To My Corksicle Sippy Cup, With Love

I didn’t expect this relationship to develop so quickly. You were in my stocking at Christmas and we’ve been inseparable ever since. In fact, I had to buy you a partner to give you a break on cottage weekends. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Since that first morning in December, you have been a loyal and trustworthy friend and I have asked a lot of you. You go from warming coffees in the morning, to the sink for a wash, and then you are immediately at the ready for cold wine in the nighttime–just like any good friend should.

Your sliding lid brings me back to my children’s early days. Their sippy cups went with us full of water, milk, or, gasp, juice. It is my turn for a sippy cup full of juice! And that is why I lovingly call you my sippy cup. In fact, I love you so much I bought sippy cups for all of my friends. No girls get together is complete without you. Your generosity in sharing the spotlight with the other friends, in all colours, is admirable.

Your stainless steel interior with triple insulation and ergonomic stemless shape with sides made for gripping makes you the perfect travel companion. Your silicone rubber ring base means that not a drop of Rosé ever spills when you are around. You stay firmly planted on the table in front of me where I left you on high alert for flailing arms in the middle of one of my gregarious stories. You just know me.

The daily trauma I used to endure finding a cold cup of coffee and having to heat it in the microwave is behind me. Oh, how you have saved me in therapy bills! If I forget where I put my beverage, as I often do, you are ready for my return. You will still have my liquid refreshment the temperature I left it at and you will be happy to see me.

I love good looking friends if we are to be together all the time and you are no DUFF*. Sure, you have a scratch here and there, but for the number of times you have been called into battle, those are to be expected. Your subtle blush exterior gives me a bit of a colour pop on dreary days or days I’m needing a pick-me-up. I love the mugs I have at the house with their corny sayings, but your ability to travel is what puts you in my hands each day. You go from kitchen table to desk to car and are always the perfect style accessory. Is there nothing you can’t do?

I just hope, one day, to be as useful to you as you are to me.

Love your Corkcicle (Sippy Cup) Devotee. Cheers,


*Designated Ugly Fat Friend


  1. Now I want a Corkcicle. Even though I like my coffee cold I suspect a Corkcicle would keep it that way, although the real bonus is the nice lid.
    Your royalty check should be arriving soon.
    Christopher recently posted…In Harm’s Way.My Profile

  2. I would like to have seen the lid. Can you toss in another picture? Your devotion to this is admirable and I, too would like one, based on your description alone. This is another skill you can put on your resume – writing infomercials!

  3. My husband has one of these and loves it!

  4. I have a love affair with my travel mug too. Something about it makes me use it even when I’m not traveling. I think it’s brcatse of my squirrel brain!!!

  5. I understand these feelings for drinkware. I have a tervis travel mug and a sip swell water bottle that I’d fight someone over. I also have an actual corksicle – an icicle looking thing attached to a cork to keep wine cold when it is sitting out at a party. I didn’t know they made other stuff.

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