Week 2: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Week 2: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I thought it was a lofty goal. 52-year-old Scooby (dog years of course), has resisted fetching his whole life. He’s a herding breed and, as such, thinks that herding his ball to his favourite sunny spot is his goal. If that was also my goal, then I would have got it in one. Challenge done. Move on. Such is not the case.

He’s also a talkative dog. Always grumbling about something or other. So, why not teach him to say ‘Mama?’ He would be my first baby to have mama as his first word. Noble endeavour.

Considering it was eight days worth of attempts, the real winner here was Scooby. His treat allowance for the decade is complete even if his challenges are less than complete. Sigh.

Next week I try welding. Don’t worry, I’ll try and avoid the emergency room and I’m bringing some friends.

Learn everything you didn’t see in the video on BluntMoms HERE.

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  1. You have him on video FETCHING! Maybe don’t press your luck with twice and just keep showing that part and saying, “oh yes, my dog fetches – just look”.

  2. Scooby may not fetch, at least not regularly, but he is quite a fetching dog.
    Christopher recently posted…The Long Nightmare.My Profile

  3. Did he get a Scooby Snack on that successful fetch? I have a golden retriever. I mean, “retriever” is in his breed name! Does he retrieve? Not quite. The only part of that operation he is good at is being golden, and that doesn’t take much effort at all on his part. He will go get the ball and bring it back halfway before he loses interest and then drops it. So even though he is full blood, I call him my Golden Half Retriever.
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  4. Probably the best week of his life with all that extra extra attention! You can come play will my dog if you get the urge to retrieve. ‘Scoot-Don’t’

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