Week 50… I Break a Record–Maybe

Week 50... I Break a Record--Maybe

I’ve finally finished my 50 weeks to 50!

[INSERT Celebrating Happy Dance here]

The bonus of having completed some of my weekly adventures after the big day means that my birthday got to be 13 months. I deserve it though because I’m officially middle age and an elder to more than half the population. Respect your elders youngsters ‘cuz I get to do what I want now.

My final challenge is one I’ve been working towards for months. Not unlike juggling, attempting a Guinness World Record needed some training. I began by finding records on the Guinness site that seemed beatable. Note: not an easy task. If they can be beat, someone has done it already. My qualifications for a record I was willing to attempt included:

  1. Nothing that would make me fat practicing.
  2. Nothing that required a lot of money. $100 or less was my budget.
  3. Something I could practice on my own. My friends and family have already done enough.
  4. Nothing too physical (you know my run-ins with the emergency room).
  5. Something that would only take a minute because I’ve been busy this year in case you haven’t been following along. Why haven’t you been following along? It has been pretty fucking crazy over here. Not kidding. Go back and see what I’ve been up to then tell me that I’m not certifiable. Unless you are younger than me, then you can’t tell me that because of elder abuse and the respect business previously discussed.

I found a Guinness record that seemed ready for my name–the number of t-shirts I could put on in a minute. On my fifth practice attempt, I got pretty close to the record so I figured with a bit more rehearsal I’d be exalted for my work. So, I applied in April 2018 to Guinness to attempt the record. What they sent me back was a very large document of rules and regulations and I realized they hadn’t made it easy. I’m not sure why I thought it would be, it is badass after all to be a world-record holder and shouldn’t be something just any Kristine can get because she said please.

I had to find a strategy that would work and that took months. I’d wanted to announce on my last week that I got the record, but I wasn’t ready twelve weeks ago. I was pitching my book that week and kind of distracted.

Anyway, I have submitted my evidence and now I wait. In ten weeks or so I will know if my efforts will be rewarded. I have to say that I’m so happy with what I was able to accomplish this week and the whole year. More on that later though.

If for some reason, Guinness doesn’t accept my evidence, I will try for the record again. After all, I own the knee pads and am not joining a volleyball team anytime soon so I have to get my money’s worth.

Now the videos will be further apart but the writing should be more regular. I am working on my memoir simultaneously but there has been so much going on, I’ll need to come by here for a dose of real people–even if you are on the other end of the computer you are still real to me.

Thanks for hanging out with me. See you next week. Bye,

<3 Kristine



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Also, don’t forget to head over to BluntMoms for the inside/behind-the-scenes review of what happened each week in my Turning 50 Like a Boss series. You saw it here first, but you have yet to know the whole story.


  1. I am always so impressed with your imagination and accomplishments. So. Due to ‘technical difficulties’, how many t-shirts did you manage? Were there rules about pulling the t-shirts completely down (individually)? Cause I could see shaving a few seconds off by putting on about 2-3 and then pulling them all down at once. Well congratulations on even finding a breakable Guinness record, never mind actually beating it!

    • I don’t want to reveal too much because if someone wanted to spend $1000 they could beat my record before they even evaluate mine (the money means Guinness will only take 2 weeks to review the evidence versus 12). So, you’ll just have to wait 🙂

  2. Looking pretty hot in your pink little top for an elderly woman! Way to go girlfriend. You make being over 50 look good!!!

  3. Remember when the Guinness Book of World Records was our ultimate reference book? It’s where we went when we wanted to know how large the world’s largest snail was, how tall the tallest man was, who ate a pound of prunes the fastest…
    You probably found they haven’t done eating-related records since 1990.
    Anyway, congratulations, and you’re already a record-breaker no matter what because you’re a unique and brilliant person.

  4. EPIIIIIC! If I knew you were a world record contender when we met, that first beer would have been on me! Just don’t spill it on your shirt(s)

    • That’s why I wear *censored* shirts at once… so I strip them away as the night goes on and keep getting slimmer and slimmer. It’s a thing. A thing I do. Because, I’m a contender. In ten weeks, you can but me that beer and we can still be friends.

  5. Congrats! Who would think putting on t-shirts could be so exhausting? It looks like quite the workout. I remember as a kid spending hours reading that big red paperback of world records. I haven’t looked at one in years since everything is on the interweb now. However, if you get in there I will have to get another one. Also, congrats on finishing your 50 to 50!

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