What Are You Wearing? #NetflixStreamTeam

What Are You Wearing? #NetflixStreamTeam

You have a dirty mind. I actually want to know what you wear to watch Netflix. Usually, I wear jammies and slippers with either a glass of wine or a tea/coffee depending on the day or hour. Above is my Netflix chair. Much like Sheldon’s couch cushion, this has a semi-permanent butt imprint from yours truly.

I tried to get this post out in September, but I got bogged down with life. I think September should have 31 days anyway. In fact, we need 31 in June too. Both months go too quickly. Also, because October 1 is my birthday and I prefer to not have any more, I think September being 31 days and October starting on the 2nd makes perfect sense.

Back to the point. I watch a LOT of Netflix. I even tuned into a kiddie show with Scooby based on a suggestion that Netflix gave me because it features Beatles song. Scoobs and I both wore the t-shirts Netflix sent us in solidarity. It reminded me of the times when I would find myself watching Dora when neither of the kids were even home. Memories.

Based on a suggestion from the Netflix Stream Team Team (team team, ha ha), I took pics of me watching my favourite shows. I hate to admit that I watch more than what I show here. Can you guess what I was watching this month?



Not depicted is Scandal because I would have to be in a compromising position. Also, I just started Scream Queen, finished Stranger Things and Grace & Frankie. I need more hours in the day and more days in the month. Is that too much to ask for a birthday present? I think not. Tonight’s birthday movie is The Fundamentals of Caring. I will rewatch it another day because I am totally planning a nap.

What are you watching? #NetflixStreamTeam



  1. 1-Something with Jackie Chan
    2-“Cry Baby” with Johnny Depp, directed by John Waters and featuring Kim “Hatchet Face” McGuire who passed away in September
    3-“This Is Spinal Tap”
    4-A documentary about Kurt Cobain
    5-“How To Train Your Dragon”
    6-That adaptation of “Sherlock Holmes” with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
    7-“Field of Dreams”

    I have no idea how many of those are even on Netflix.
    What I wear when I watch Netflix depends on when I watch Netflix.
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