When I Woke Today I Noticed

When I Woke Today I Noticed

When I woke today I noticed, the smoke was rising fast,
It smelled of caramel, of soil, of acid then it passed.

The familiar grind, the low hum, of the work inside its shell,
Was slow to start and wasn’t right, I thought “Oh, what the hell?”

That’s when the panic happened. I realized my plight,
The coffee maker, our favourite friend, was sputtering in spite.

He’s been working overtime with all of us at home,
He works all day, sometimes past five, but we leave him all alone.

Now I wonder if he thinks we just don’t give a care,
As he smoulders, this frightful sight, his anger fills the air.

A gentle scrub, a filtered clean, a notice of his toil,
Might that have been enough to stop his anger from its boil?

So I sit, and stare in shock, as my day begins to shape,
What were we thinking without plan B, a rookie mistake.

I learned my lesson, Jura. I learned my lesson, sure.
Remember those who make my day easier to endure.

My husband and my dog come easily to mind.
Our son and daughter too are always good and kind.

But now the lesson we have learned is to think of others too.
Of ovens and refrigerators, and coffee makers’ brew.

Of washing machines, of vacuums, of freezers filled with food.
Of toasters, of microwaves, and a blender doing good.

Sure we thank the mailman, the grocer, and the cop,
But when do we take a moment to thank the gadgets running the shop?

So thank you computers. Wifi and TV too.
Thank you, dishwasher. I’ll say it, “I love you.”

Thank you, working plumbing. Thanks, electricity.
Thanks to furnaces, air con, and a sprinkler’s simplicity.

Thanks to all those who make my day a brighter place to be,
Now can someone talk to coffee maker and apologize for me?


  1. I loved this. Sadly, my larger appliances don’t belong to me and could not care less about my feelings. They know that their ‘real’ owner isn’t going to replace them unless there’s a lot of yelling involved. Now my counter top appliances…..after I sign off here, I’m going to go in and kiss everything and bless their cooperation. I especially like the poetic form this took! Keep on keeping on (that phrase is way before you time!).
    (How’s the shoulder?)

  2. You know me : May 18, 2020 at 11:31 am

    I am gobsmacked sad for you. Other than your 2 and 4 legged humans, I know this man was your favourite. I loved the poetry of the eulogy though. You may not find it strange that I do talk to my appliances and my plants but I have neglected to include the wiring and plumbing in my home . I will change my ways in the future and cross my fingers that you can find a relative to take charge of the coffee.

  3. I’ve always believed the reason sailors named their ships is because they thought of a ship as a living thing, and also as a reminder to treat it kindly. After all it would bring them home. Naming a thing gives it personality, even life, and makes us more considerate of all it does for us.
    With that in mind I look forward to the naming ceremony for your new coffee maker.
    Christopher recently posted…Almost Like Being There.My Profile

  4. Love the poem! Remind me one day to share one I wrote about a medication I have to take that makes me visit the water closet way too often. Actually, don’t remind me. Sorry I haven’t been on your site in a while. As you’ve probably gathered by me earlier comments. We are moving into an RV full time and going where the wind blows us. The moving process has been hectic to say the least and has not left me with a lot of spare time.
    Arionis recently posted…RANT WARNING: Sign FaceMy Profile

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