All Your Meat Draw Questions Answered

All Your Meat Draw Questions Answered

A conversation with my brother from Vancouver.

Me: What did you do for our mother on Mother’s Day?
Brother: I usually take her out for dinner, but we haven’t organized it yet. I actually kind-of paid for dinner already though.

How do you kind-of pay for dinner?
Well, I won a roast beef in a meat draw.

I had my dad cook it the other night, and we had dinner together.

So, that’s how it is kind of like I took her out for dinner.

Hold up. We need to go back. What is a meat draw?
You know, when you go to the pub, and they have a meat draw?

So, yeah. I have no idea what you are talking about.
A meat draw. You know.

Are you saying M-E-A-T D-R-A-W?
Yeah. Meat draw.

Wow. I do not understand what a meat draw is and don’t answer the question this time about meat draw with the words meat draw.
You go to the pub, buy a ticket, and the money goes to charity.

And where does the meat come in? Is it for cattle farmers?
No. It can be any charity.

Any charity that has meat?
No, any charity. They get the meat and do the meat draw and keep the proceeds.

So you go to a pub and randomly buy a ticket for roast beef?
Yes, but your ticket is drawn then you go select your cut of meat. Then the second ticket chooses their cut and so on.

So there is more than one meat draw at a meat draw?
I guess.

So they have all these raw cuts of meat just hanging around in the pub?
Well, they aren’t hanging around. They are on a table labelled meat draw.

Do you hear yourself? You win raw meat when you are on a date with your beautiful wife. That doesn’t sound odd to you at all?
No. I’ve won, I think, three times in a meat draw.

Meat draw. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
You’re the one who seems confused about the meat draw.

That was a Princess Bride reference, nevermind. Does the pub donate the meat? What do you do with the meat if you win? Do you just put it in your wife’s purse? What if you had planned to spend a whole night at the pub? Do you need to plan ahead and bring a cooler? Will the pub cook the meat right there for you so you can have dinner? How long is it at room temperature and is there a ‘packaged on’ sticker or are you just trusting the dude in the pub with your meat? Is the entire side of beef there and they just trim off a little like the butcher? Is it a Girl Guide handing you raw meat instead of perfectly cooked cookies? Do the meat draw folks follow safe food handling procedures? Do they give you a bag? Do they charge 5 cents for that bag? Who sits at the meat draw table once the raw meat is in everyone’s handbag? Can vegans buy tickets to the meat draw? Does the pub smell like stale beer and raw meat? If a guide dog comes into the pub, it will ruin his career. I have so many questions!
I don’t know how to respond. We just usually finish our veggie burgers and collect our meat and leave.

Veggie burgers?
Ha. I guess that’s ironic.


Now your turn… Have you heard of a meat draw? Tell me your favourite meat draw stories.


  1. We went to a fancy restaurant many years ago that brought cuts of raw meat to your table and said that that was the actual cut that would be cooked for you. I thought at the time, what about the other cuts I didn’t pick. Do they just sit on the tray to be gazed over and rejected for hours and hours? Ick.

  2. LOL, then they ordered their veggie burgers! Hahahah?

    Can’t say I’ve had the pleasure, but sounds like a great idea, provided safe food handling rules are applied. ?

  3. So I was expecting my Meat Draw questions to be answered, starting with “What is a Meat Draw?” Well, that question was answered but none of the others–which match all of yours–were answered. I can safely say I have no Meat Draw stories, other than the time I read this blog post that was titled “All Your Meat Draw Questions Answered” and only one of my questions was answered.
    In Britain pubs regularly do have raffle drawings where they sell tickets for charity. One night I was in a pub with only two other people and I bought five or six tickets because they were cheap and I won three free pints, a can of beer, and a package of cigarettes which I gave to the guy next to me.
    All of which was better than a big hunk of beef.

    • OMG Christopher, I laughed so hard at your comment because I didn’t answer any questions and still have more. But my original thought, ‘Only one of your meat draw questions answered,’ didn’t seem beefy enough a title. 😉
      I need to go to more pubs that give away beer. Where is that pub? What did the other guy win? Why didn’t they just postpone the draw to another day when more suckers could buy tickets? How much did you spend on the charity tickets and was it worth more than the beer and cigarettes you won? See how this works…

      • That pub is in Grantham, England–technically in Harlaxton Village which is a little outside the town, near Harlaxton Manor where I spent a school semester and where, a few years later, parts of a film with Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta-Jones would be shot, and a few years after that they filmed part of the series Victoria there and pretended the manor was in France.
        At the time the pub was called The Grantham Arms but I guess Downton Abbey got mad so they’ve renamed it The Farrier.
        To make a long story even longer the tickets were only 10 pence and I was the only person who bought any tickets but I guess they felt like they had to have the raffle every night. So it was cheaper than the beer and cigarettes I won, but, yeah, this is a never ending rabbit hole of questions.

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of meat questions off the top of your head. Imagine how many you could come up with if you really thought about it? I’ve never heard of a meat draw but I do get people that come to my door from time to time asking if I want to buy steaks from the trunk of their car. I’ve never taken them up on it. Can’t imagine many would.
    Arionis recently posted…One In A Million Shot(s)My Profile

  5. There’s nothing wrong with eating meat draw meat with mom on Mother’s Day. It’s one of the best ways a son can express love for his mother, considering the circumstances of being out drinking at a bar.
    Tad A. Nelson recently posted…Sealing Texas DWI Conviction RecordsMy Profile

    • This made me snort out my vegetables. Expressing love with your son’s meat is a true indication of relationship status… I’m just not sure I want to be involved at this point.

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