Zombies and Stuffed Road Kill

brainI think this picture warrants a ‘Top Ten Reasons Why This Makes Me Laugh”.

10. I think Taxidermy is just plain funny (as the owner of a stuffed fish, I have license to say that).

9. The man’s name is Brain and he became a taxidermist.

8. Maybe his name is Brian and he is just that stupid so the only work he could find was as a taxidermist.

7. This was a sign on the highway. If you hit a racoon on your way home from the cottage, it can instantly become a souvenir of your lovely weekend as the kids cry in the back seat for you to give it mouth-to-mouth.

6. If you are thoughtful enough to have a child named Brain, I would think you would hope for doctor, lawyer, neuroscientist, entrepreneur and then taxidermist. This man has had a LOT of schooling to get to his real calling.

5. Maybe it wasn’t a man, but rather a zombie who set up this sign. Clever zombie.

4. If you were a zombie looking for a profession, I would think taxidermy would be it. And since the only word you use regularly is ‘brain’, this is good marketing.

3. I am really convinced that this business is run by zombies! They eat your brain and that of your road kill and stuff you in a closet. Not on a mantel. There was a storage shed out the back for goodness sake!

2. Even though that arrow is a convincing call to action and the dog is constantly trying to kill vermin, must resist entering zombie shop!

And the number 1 reason I find this sign funny:

1. This man mounts animals for a living. Let that one sink in…

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