Blogs I Stalk and You Should Too

I read a lot of blogs. Sometimes I can’t even keep up. They make me laugh, inspire me and generally help me keep my head above water. Please visit these great reads, but come back here too. I would miss you terribly!


Rubber Shoes in Hell

The Bloggess

Baby Sideburns

Keeper of the Fruit Loops

Foxy Wine Pocket

Freethinkers Annonymous

Just a Small Cog



BLUNTmoms – did you read the articles they published of mine?

How about Sammiches and Psych Meds? Get on over there pronto (but don’t forget to come back).


  1. I just read your article on crotch rot on BluntMoms. I had to come look further and am so glad I did, even though I have only just begun!! Totally digging your sense of humor!! Thanks for keeping it real!!

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