Working With Mum Revised

Work With Me on Mum Revised

I get it, I may not be every brand’s cup of tea but I do love me some evening tea. I swear and openly converse on inappropriate topics. It would be hard to put your brand money against a niche blogger with a potty mouth. I was a brand manager and marketer before I was a blogger, so I know what you are up against in trying to make it make sense.

What you need to know is that my readers are loyal. When I am away for a few days, they send me emails to see how I am. They share my words, comment and believe in me.

I am looking for some brands to connect with my growing readership and social following. My readers are looking to be entertained and I have written unpaid blogs about many products or services I love and even a couple I can’t stand. I live in Toronto and am open to local, national or international brand clients.

Send me an email and maybe we can start a beautiful relationship. That sounded sexy, which was the plan.

Promises to My Brands and My Readership

on the bible

Yes, that is a real bible. 

To ensure brands I work with are accepted by my readership as a truly honest partnership, I made some promises to myself and my fans when I first started this site. If any of these items describe the type of campaign you are hoping to run, then maybe we can work together next time.

  • I, the writer, hereby swear to deter any and all distracting ads for tampons, juice boxes and as-seen-on-tv merchandise (as awesome as they are) from advertising using pop-ups on this site. I promise never to pop anything up in front of you unless it is a middle finger or a real glass of wine.
  • I, the writer, hereby commit to only offering sponsorship on this site to companies who produce products or provide services that I would love to be a part of and think my reader(s) would also enjoy.
  • I, the writer, agree that contests do not have a place in blog posts on this site. However, if someone wants to give me a car to giveaway (don’t laugh so hard, that’s not the funny part) then I am sure you, the fans, won’t mind a contest. When I write a book (that’s not the funny part either), I will give some of those babies away.
  • I, as the writer, swear that I will not take money to write reviews on this website to court a sponsor or satisfy an agreement. If I don’t believe in it, I won’t write about it.
  • I, the writer, clearly understand that I have alienated 99.9% of any possible funds in saying these things. But I believe my loyal readership will send me money if I find myself living in a box on the street, so I’ll be ok. I think Mister (my husband) just started to cry.

If I haven’t scared you away, then it sounds like we would be perfect for each other. Contact me (below) and tell me about your brand.

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