How Do I Get Your Anthology?

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Shannon Day of Tipsy Squirrel Press explains, “When it comes to motherhood, so often it’s our fellow mom-friends that support us on our journey. We laugh together and cry together, and when we need to be reminded that we are in fact normal, we can count on them. The book is filled with the kinds of tales that we like to share on a Mom’s Night Out (or in). They will make you laugh, cry, and realize that you’re in good company. The martinis are a fun way to celebrate the many toast-worthy moments of motherhood.”

Available at Amazon Canada here.

Available at Amazon US here.


How Can I Send You Money?

I am happy to receive money via email at hatemail@mumrevised.com

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Do You Need Money?

I always need money and if you want to email it to me you can do so at hatemail@mumrevised.com
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I am thinking of sending you money. How do I do that?

You are sweet! Email it to me at hatemail@mumrevised.com

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