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IMG_1925I started this blog in 2014 because I remembered how much I loved to write and I had far too much time on my hands with the kids at school. I was likely to bang out an addition to the house or start nesting for a third baby. Cue my original blog name “Mum Revised” and a huge sigh from my husband, Mister*. Then in March 2019, I grew up… or began to and changed the whole f’n thing to Adulting in Progress. Basically so I would stop getting requests to do guest blogs about diapers.

My daughter Daphne* (17) and son Shaggy* (15) no longer need me the same way and the dog Scooby only cares about me at feeding and walking times. Mister travels for work so I was at home in a house with full access to food and was packing the pounds on fast. This blog began as a weight-loss strategy to keep my hands busy and I am pleased to say I have put on 10** Pounds. Fucking genius!

I used to be a brand manager, copywriter, editor and badass before I became a stay at home mum in Toronto. My middle finger is my favourite. I like coffee, sleep, reality TV, Netflix and having a cleaning lady. My friends are amazing and my family is my rock.

Some of my favourite pages are below. That might be a good place to start if you are new to Adulting in Progress. Be warned: I have a potty mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.

24 Hours – I took a picture of myself every hour on the hour for 23 hours (just seeing if you are following along)

Why I Would Rather Be a Dance Mum Than a Hockey Mum

What Your Choice in Movie Snack Says About You

5 Reasons I Think Resting Bitch Face is the New Black

Last year I turned 50 and went on a wild ride to get items on and off my bucket list… I refer to it as my life list so you don’t think I’m dying. I write about all my adventures here and at Bluntmoms.com. I also YouTube all the shenanigans so you can see the 50 new things I learned or experienced that year I turned 50. You can start at batting cages and work your way to scuba, trapeze, tap, welding and so many more adventures.

If you like what you see so far, don’t be afraid to subscribe. I don’t bite and I only ever go in your box once a week at most. Yes, that was meant to sound dirty. I am writing about my adventures in a memoir which keeps me busy and away from here so I’m the perfect accompaniment to your love life. I don’t demand much (an occasional comment would be nice) and I don’t bug you enough to annoy. So, a low level of commitment is the name of the game here.

*Not their real names.

**You do the math on how much blogging has contributed to my life jacket rating.

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  1. Jennifer Race : April 9, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Thank you for making my day:) You are as brilliant and funny as I remember. I’m not even sure how I ended up following your blog today of all days but it was vitamins for my soul on a day when I really needed it. I laughed out loud. I lost time. I saw pictures of “small world connections” smiling along with you. I look forward to reading more. More importantly, I think I owe you a big Happy Birthday drink – it’s been way too long! (PS: and just so you know, you inspired us to bring ridiculous Santa hats on our last adventure to Kenya…it didn’t work out quite like it was going to in my head:)

    • So nice to hear from you! I am so glad to make you laugh and hope that my brand of ‘therapy’ might help you weekly. I will have a drink with you any day (I mean night. Not day drinking because that would be all wrong.) Looking forward to the Christmas photo too <3

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