I'm Transitioning

I am going from MumRevised to Adulting in Progress (adultinginprogress.com). I loved my blog name when I started here almost five years ago, but I have grown up–adulted in fact. Also, I’m getting a bit annoyed by the emails that come under the heading “We are looking for an influencer for our brand.” The interns......

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Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards

I have always been interested in fortune tellers, mediums, and clairvoyants. Recently, after bull riding, Mister, Katarina and I had our palms read by some guy advertising on the street. Since hot air ballooning was cancelled due to weather a second time, I started researching how to learn the craft, if, in fact, it can be......

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You might as well know this

Kristine Laco

I like coffee, sleep, reality TV, Netflix and having a cleaning lady. I'm pretty sure my 'buy 10, get one free' card for the hospital is full.

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