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I like to send my writing to other websites because I am narcissistic a giver. I usually have the most recent selection of articles on my homepage in a little button on the side but never thought to put them all together to make it look like an impressive body of work. I’m not sure this cuts it, but I’m proud of the publications I have been featured in and wanted to share. While you are there, take a look through. I only send my work to publications I enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too.

Medium (is the new Small)

Dear Unites States, I Resign
It’s Not That Hard to be Green, Kermit. Get Real.
This Uncredited Piece of Crap Is Going Around Social Media
15 Doormats to Deter a Former Vice President from Asking to Sleep on Your Couch
Does the Pandemic Remind You of Being Pregnant or Is that Just Me?
What New Coke Taught Me About My Civic Duty
45 Parenting Problems Solved by #45

Turning 50 Like a Boss on

A World Record
Tea Leaves & Tarot Cards
I Climb in The Andes
I Get a Tattoo
Learn to Juggle
Ride a Segway
Dinner in the Dark
Glass Blowing
The Edgewalk
Ride a Mechanical Bull
Fire Without Matches
Pitch My Book
Bubble Soccer
Scary Rollercoaster
Goat Yoga
Food Fight
Try All 31 Flavours
Jet Skiing
Tourist In My Own Town
Rage Room
Target Practice
Murder Mystery Party
I Hugged a Snake
Milk a Cow
Find a Cause
Fly a Jet
Learn to Knit
I Go Pink
Salsa Dancing
50,000 Steps in a Day
I Fly on The Trapeze
I Get Tapping
Teach a Teen to Drive
Helix Piercing
Exotic Foods I Tried
Car Rally
Teach an Old Dog a New Trick
Batting Cages
How it Began — Turning 50 Like a Boss

Other Posts on

I Am Not Woman Enough for the Diva Cup
It Is Never Too Late to be Thankful
I’m Drinking the Kool-Aid. High Five!
Poetry in a Crisis
To This Year’s High School Graduates
Isolation for Dummies
Ruin Christmas in Four Words
What Will I Do Now That the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Cancelled?
It is Never Too Late to be Thankful
My Love-Hate Relationship With My Makeup Mirror
If You Have Ever Accidentally Picked Something Out of Your Teeth While Gardening, It Might be Uncle Jedd
Be Thankful Your Grad is Being an Asshole
Best Parenting Tool in Time for Christmas
8 Facts Proving the Earth is Flat
Whoop, There It Is
6 Completely Natural Ways to Ensure Everyone at a Funeral Knows You Have the New Apple iPhone X
An Open Letter to Fathers of Teenage Daughters
When Is It Appropriate to Ask, “Are You About to Get Your Period?”
If You Give a Mom a Coffee (An Actual Account of My Day)
When Is a D-Cup Really a D-Cup?
The Trampoline is the Mom Bladder’s Worst Enemy
The Plan
I Am Raising a Sore Loser and Proud of It
I Lost 5 Hours of My Life at IKEA
Breastmilk Jewellery. What’s Next? Jizz Pops?
Mommy Can’t Say Fuck Anymore

Satire and Sundries

Kids’ Back-To-School Photos Missing, Mother Suspected of Foul Play
New Support Group for Good Sleep Sufferers
12 Uses for Your Merkins Once You Retire From Porn
25 Crafts Using Kale
12 Crimes President Trump Could Commit and No One Would Care
Overachieving Babies Learn Sign Language in Utero
Fed-Up Teacher Throws Fidget Spinner Like a Goddamned Ninja Star
Doctors Identify New Syndrome Affecting Teenagers
New Evidence Suggests Jesus May Return as a Mother
Stress Relieving Adult Wrapping Trend Might Not Be So New
Men Outraged Over Male Birth Control Pill
My Parents Divorces But I Still Believe in Marriage. Here’s Why.
Teenagers Unite for SnapChat Candlelight Vigil
Woman Remembers Password on First Attempt, Hospitalized for Tests
BREAKING: Husband Finds Milk in Fridge Without Assistance
Anti-Vaxxers Leave Movement After Realizing Vaccines Prevent Illnesses
Woman Shaves in Winter, Husband Fears the Worst
Quick and Easy Dinners Your Kids Will Never Eat
Women of the Shopping Centre Discover New Splash Park Attraction
35 Ways to Embarrass Your Teen
I Stopped Yelling at My Kids and it Ruined My Life
10 Heartwarming Thank You Notes to Singles Dads From Their Daughters
7 Steps to Create a Killer Blog Post for Your Business

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