Book Clubs are SO Last Year

Book Clubs are SO Last Year

I have to tell you about my new favourite thing besides smiling–it is cooking clubs. Sounds like a lot of work and, well, cooking. But here’s the big news… It is quite possibly the best idea since book clubs! I shit you not. Here’s what it looks like. (And, I haven’t been paid for this endorsement because I totally rock at finances and creating opportunities for generating income).

  • You can register with The Sticky Kitchen or go it alone. I registered and it made the club piss simple because she sent us the recipe, told us what groceries we needed in what quantities and advised us how to set up our kitchen and even what to bring if you were not hosting. OK, maybe piss is a bad word to describe a cooking club, but it was super duper simple. (I think the website calls it a kitchen club btw.)
  • You agree on a recipe to feed your families. You can include just the main or do salad and dessert too. All her recipes are family friendly and my kids have had plenty of them (my kids have even made some of her recipes!).
  • The host can get all the ingredients and you settle up finances when you arrive or, you each just take turns. It will be a bit cheaper because you can buy the Costco pack of chicken and save money. Oh, and because I dislike buying a giant bunch of parsley to only use one-quarter of it and then it decomposes in my fridge and I have to ‘clean it’ at a later date when it turns into liquid, all the parsley was gone because we split it. No kidding. It was gone!
  • The host gets the coffee on and/or pours a glass of wine for everyone, pulls out the cutting boards, knives (that is why you only do this with friends), gadgets and spices required and you all work together.
  • I made spring rolls with my friends and I was on the peeling station. That sounds dirtier than it is. Two friends were on browning all the meat and ‘stirring in of ingredients’ and another was in charge of the food processor. I don’t own a food processor but my friend does so this is something I could not have done on my own.
  • This is the beauty part… we got to catch up, have wine coffee and laughs while we made dinner for four families. WHAT?!
  • We rolled the rolls, cleaned her kitchen and went home with dinner ready. Do you know how easy it is to clean a kitchen when there are four of you working together? Seriously, think about that.
  • There is absolutely no guilt in hanging out with your friends for half a day. Read that again–No Guilt.
  • Why are you not already doing this?? You can use this website from anywhere. Just remember when the recipe tells you to get out your dutch oven, she means a big stockpot, not the gift your husband leaves for you under the covers. You. Are. Welcome.

I am hooked. Anybody in Toronto want to do this with me? I will totally not even clean up the house because you are like family and I know there will be no judgement involved. That is love.


  1. I’m in! Sign me up Kris!

  2. ok, me too!

  3. This is not the first time I’ve been tempted to move to Toronto but it’s probably the most tempted I’ve ever been. How did no one ever think of this before? Cooking is always best when it’s a community activity. My parents used to have some kind of moving dinner night where they’d start at one house for appetizers, go to another for salad and a third for the main course, and then wreck the car on the way to dessert because they’d have drinks at every stop. That’s why this sounds ideal: if the group gets carried away with the wine everybody can crash on the couches and floors and then you can cook a communal breakfast.
    I may be getting a little too carried away with this idea.
    I do want to know what recipe isn’t “family friendly”. Are there cooking clubs where they make erotic cakes? And if so where do I sign up?
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  4. That sounds like soooo much fun! Must try!

  5. I’d never even heard of a cooking club before, but it sounds like fun (apart from the cooking part, in my case). It’d be nice to spend half a day or more in nice company.

  6. My hubby always wants to get in on my stuff. Not kidding. He thinks my girlfriends and I have such fun, and he wants to be invited to Happy Hours, to Bunco, etc. He would not be able to contain himself if THIS happened at my house.

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