Fries or the Super Yummy Salad?

Fries or the Super Yummy Salad?


We spent the entire morning in the trees. The ten of us climbed from tree branch to tree branch, tethered with safety harnesses. It was exhausting work and great fun all at once. After three or more hours in the trees I was really ready for lunch.

“Let’s go to East Side Mario’s. They have a great salad there.” said the first friend.

“You’re right. I love their endless salad.” friend two said.

“That’s what I feel like too. A really big salad.” another friend chipped in.

I was not at all interested in a salad. You see, among the choices for sides were fries and sweet potato fries. Both were obviously better choices! I had already worked it off for crying out loud. But you can only assume what I ordered based on the conversation that was continuing around me. The salad.

I felt used and abused eating those leafy greens.

As we were leaving the restaurant one of my friends told me she was coveting my meal. I had the side salad and a sandwich.

“The only problem is that I wouldn’t have been able to order the salad. I would have needed fries.” she added.


Lesson learned, do not succumb to peer pressure. Salads are not a replacement for fries. Choose the friend you sit beside carefully as they could be your biggest ally and partner in crime.


  1. I have never once in my entire life chosen the salad over fries. And I never will. Ever.

  2. Now I am craving fries. I’ve often said that if I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one food to eat I would either go with potatoes or sushi. Actually, it would be potatoes for sure – I can always fish and get my sushi the old fashion way.

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