Stranger Things 2 “Food” Pairings for Your Binging Pleasure

Stranger Things 2 "Food" Pairings for Your Binging Pleasure

Mister and I recently went to a Halloween party. We dressed as The Rocket Men. I was Elton John and Mister went as King Jung Un. I know, clever. Or, politically insensitive. I prefer to think clever.

Anyway, the day after the party we mysteriously felt like not doing much. Good thing Stranger Things 2 is now streaming, because it was the perfect hangover cure Sunday binge. The only thing better than binge-watching Stranger Things 2 on a Sunday would be to pair each episode with a treat from the kids’ Halloween bags any night or day of the week. I had to suffer with what was in the house, but you have the good fortune that I am going to tell you what to root around in those pillowcases for so you are prepared. Because of love.

I will not spoil anything for you so feel free to read on. You know, because of love.

Stranger Things 2 Food Pairings for Your Binging Pleasure

  1. Madmax – I think for a first episode you would pair this with an appetizer for the evening. I’d suggest Tootsie Roll minis. They are mini so six should do it. Hell, let’s make that Eleven. For no reason…
  2. Trick or Treat, Freak – The title of this allows for all kinds of flexibility but our night is just getting started. Because of the content, it would behove me to suggest dark chocolate but it is still early in our binging evening so go a little lighter. Something with a bit of bounce or fruity overtones like Big Turk if you are in Canada. (Essentially chocolate covered jujubes if you can find them in that pillowcase). Or, if you want to stay away from chocolate for 40 minutes, grab the Swedish Berries. They are more of a dessert, but I think you might need the comfort by now.
  3. Pollywog – This one has to be 3 Musketeers because of the nougat. I guess Toblerone in a pinch, but you will be craving a 3 Musketeers so just reach for that and save yourself the aggravation.
  4.  Will the Wise – If you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes now is your chance. If not, reach for a Coffee Crisp. Again that is Canadian. Best I can suggest for those of you elsewhere, Moka or a Milo Bar in a pinch. We need a pick me up by now and the sugar rush has kicked in so a caffeine intake is wise (wink).
  5. Dig Dug – There is no dugout reference in this episode but I spent many summers working in the concession stands at the baseball diamonds. I was responsible for counting jelly beans as they were a penny each. So because the word ‘dug’ is in the title and candy makes me nostalgic, I’m going with the bean. It is time for a chocolate break anyway. (Ha! That was a joke. Chocolate break. That doesn’t exist.)
  6. The Spy – I think we have to go high end here. Something with a hot chili kick. You might have to reach into the secret chocolate cupboard in your house instead of the pillowcase. It will be worth it.
  7. The Lost Sister – You finally get to open that Twix full size you have been eying. Kit Kats will work here too. As long as it is something you can easily share but prefer not to.
  8. The Mind Flayer – This is definitely a dark chocolate moment. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived. Choose your poison. (There is no poison in this episode or any other for that matter. Just a bad cliché.)
  9. The Gate – we need to cool this baby down with some York Peppermint patties or After Eight’s. You know, for dessert.

If you haven’t watched the first season of Stranger Things, get on it! If you don’t want to invest in one of the best TV shows in the world, I get it. Who am I kidding, I don’t get it. But here is something Netflix sent me for those of you in that situation. Start easy and make your way to Evil Dead. Or, go backwards. Same/same.



PS: More videos are coming!

PPS: Netflix is good to me and sends me fun things sometimes wanting me to write posts for them. They still don’t know I would have done this anyway so don’t tell them.


  1. Well, after viewing that trailer, I’m not planning on sleeping ever again. So, thanks for that 🙂 I’ve never needed an excuse to eat candy, although now that we live in a senior community, my excuse for buying a variety of chocolate is pretty much gone, so I just have to face up to my addiction(s).

  2. I’ve noticed that the stores have “elves” or something that scoop all the candy off the shelves before the next day. I have yet to go into a store the day after Halloween and find candy on sale. I used to, but for the last few years, by the next day they have Thanksgiving or Christmas stuff up. On line is a slightly different story. I can still get LAST YEAR’S holiday candy from certain sites.

  3. I had to stop reading after Episode 3 because, well, spoilers. It’s really amazing that I’ve only watched three episodes of Stranger Things 2 so far because somehow it’s managed to be even more awesome than the first season.
    And I’ll have to find some way to pair Colt’s Bolts with an episode. Colt’s Bolts are a locally made candy made with chocolate, peanut butter, and almonds.
    Christopher recently posted…Halloween On A Tuesday?My Profile

    • I didn’t think I spoiled anything… sorry if I did. Trust me, it is worth every minute. When is season 3 starting already?!
      As for Colt’s Bolt’s–that’s an easy one. Episode 7 because of all the nuts.

  4. Very nice pairing list! I’m halfway through the second season. I wonder if they make Eggos in “fun size” for Halloween?
    Arionis recently posted…Halloween Petition: Give Me A Treat And Sign!My Profile

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