16 Activities You Can Do With Toddlers Not Involving Tiaras

16 Activities You Can Do With Toddlers Not Involving Tiaras

It was a sad day when they announced the TLC show Toddlers In Tiara would be cancelled. Many wannabees were crushed to miss their opportunity to show their hard work on TV. They can still work the pageant circuit, but will they ever be famous now?

We have seen the ads, heck, maybe we’ve even seen the show “Toddlers In Tiaras,” but have you stopped to think about activities you could do without the tiaras? With a long summer ahead and the children underfoot, the temptation to dress them in taffeta, go for spray tans, fit toddlers for fake teeth (flippers), and adorn their beautiful heads with plastic jewels is strong. But there are options you may not have considered. To make it easy on you, here is a sample of the 16 exciting things toddlers like to do NOT involving tiaras. 

  1. Play Games
  2. Run
  3. Jump
  4. Skip
  5. Swim
  6. Climb
  7. Ride
  8. Balance
  9. Wrestle
  10. Cuddle
  11. Slide
  12. Tickle
  13. Swing
  14. Dig
  15. Dance
  16. Be a Kid

You are welcome. Enjoy your summer.

PS: I challenge you to add more to this list in the comments.

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  1. Help make cookies. Spy on older siblings. Make Mud Pies (although that may go along with #14.

    Congrats on making your 30 days in June!!!

  2. Turn over rocks and look for things under them. Find a black widow spider. Put it in a jar and freak out your parents. Build weird things out of scrap wood you find in the garage. Or in the garbage. Explore a creek, pond, or other waterway. Play with a chemistry set. Make your own chemistry set from stuff you find at the store. (Potassium permanganate and glycerine are widely available. Mix them and see what happens!)
    Some might think of these as “boy activities”, and those would be the sort of people who are sad Toddlers & Tiaras has been cancelled.
    Christopher recently posted…You Don’t Have To Call Me “Darlin’”.My Profile

    • They all sound like things I would have done. I was a trash collector myself. Society, as a whole, has far too few spiders in jars and far too many in houses. PS: I can not vouch for the potassium mixture and not sure a toddler should really be doing that one. But I have been called the worst mother in the world so I’m no expert 🙂

  3. Eat too much candy, stay up too late, throw sugar and over-tiredness induced tantrums. Seems to be a favourite around here :-p

  4. – Make mud pies and never eat them
    – Make non-pattern art on your Lite Brite.
    – Listen to uncomfortable lecture with parents about your art choices.
    – Have a lighting bug (fire fly) catching contest.
    – Suck nectar off of honey suckle pistils.
    – Get into a rock war with other kids in the neighborhood. Emerge victorious because you had the idea to equip your team with metal trashcan lids to act as shields.
    – Sleep in a tent in your own backyard.
    – Abandon tent at 3 AM when the sprinklers your father forgot to turn off sprays water into the mesh roof you didn’t cover so you could view the cloudless night sky.
    – Stay up 30 minutes past your bed time if you read a book.
    – Convince your sister it’s a good idea to stand with an apple on her head while you try to shoot it with your BB gun William Tell style.
    – Bribe you sister with a dollar not to tell your parents where the welt on her cheek came from.
    – Try really hard to convince your parents you really didn’t intend on shooting but the gun went off accidentally.
    – Spend a week grounded in your room reading a lot more books.

    Overall, on the plus side, some of my “questionable” behavior led to a lot of book reading.
    Arionis recently posted…Maybe You Should Occasionally Look Down While Watching FireworksMy Profile

    • I bet your parents had a good laugh after they realized your sister’s eyes were still intact. I know I did. Sounds like you had a really fun childhood. We did frog races on the beach and I figured out just where to poke their butts to get them motivated to win. No BBs in my childhood, but our son has three BB guns and I spend the summer yelling at him for stepping on them around the cottage (at least with Lego land mines you can see them).

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