Get My Paul Blart On

Get My Paul Blart On

We have been interested in Segway tours since before we saw the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop. After we saw the movie we knew we had to try them but were, understandably scared. See, a tour guide in Paris told us they were dangerous, the guide in Prague told us they had been banned from the city because of the accidents. It seems like maybe we shouldn’t do this as we do have a history of family injury.

As it turns out though, in the Distillery District of Toronto, not only are there Segway tours, but the speed has been limited on them to make them safer. Plus, it is right here at home, so we have our doctors on speed dial. So, the family took to the streets and had a blast. It seems I was the only one happy that they had limited the speed of our units. But as Paul Blart himself said, “Safety never takes a holiday.” Touché, Paul. Touché.

If you have been following along on my 50 weeks you will see that they aren’t really coinciding with weeks on the calendar as much as fictitious weeks on a calendar of stickers developed by toddlers. The next, and last five, videos are likely to come in quick succession as my adventures are coming to an end in just two days. I’m excited to share the big finale and to wrap this year up with some reflections. You just might have to wait until the day after the poop emoji and the day before the Olaf sticker. That will be a good day.


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  1. $3500?!?!? For an accident waiting to happen? It did look like fun, but I have no coordination so within 2 minutes I’d be on my face or butt – Segway’s choice. Just in case I miss it – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’re still just a young babe, so you have many more years to test your insurance coverage. And yeah, if I could have stayed upright on one of them, I would have liked a “little” more speed too.

  2. The kids look like naturals and love the need for speed! “Speed, is after all, your friend.”

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope I’ve checked the calendar correctly.
    Also I don’t blame Mister for not wanting to buy you a Segway. It’s not just the price tag. How often would you really use the thing? I mean aside from when you want to get your Paul Blart on, a feeling I know can strike at almost any time.
    Okay, yeah, that is a pretty good argument for getting one.

    • Plus, I could walk the dog without all the unnecessary exertion, thereby extending my life. Does he really not value my life to the tune of $3500? (Do you find it curious that he knew the price… like he looked it up anticipating a Christmas gift for someone in real need of extending their life?)

  4. I’ve always wanted to try those. Looks like fun and I love your family interviews. I’m going to have to defend Mister on this one. As an avid hiker who knows the benefits of walking, I’d have to argue that he is actually prolonging your life by NOT getting you one. 🙂

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the club!

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