Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga

Week 33 I spent getting zen with goats in goat yoga.

If you are precious about your yoga. Don’t go to goat yoga.

If you are squeamish about excrement being everywhere, don’t go to goat yoga.

If you are particular about all your hair staying on your head, don’t go to goat yoga.

If, however, you think pygmy goats (not breed for milk or meat, but rather just to be social), are the cutest things you’ve ever seen, go to goat yoga!

To be clear, goat yoga is more goat and less yoga, but I knew that going in. But smile therapy could be a thing too. If you get a chance to go goating, it is aMaaazing.


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  1. Yes, I know, goats are filthy, disgusting animals, but they’re also so darn cute. Watching them play with each other is so much fun that I understood the appeal of goat yoga as soon as I heard about it, and now I’ve seen the appeal of goat yoga. At least I think so. All I could look at in that video was a bunch of little goats.
    Christopher recently posted…Walking In History.My Profile

  2. I’ve heard about it. Now I’ve seen it. The only thing that would have made that better is if they had been screaming goats. Screaming goats are hilarious. However, I still think I’d rather do beer yoga.
    Arionis recently posted…Good And Bad NewsMy Profile

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