I Embrace My Inner Redneck

I Embrace My Inner Redneck

When I really want to relax, I get our 14-year-old son to drive me through the back roads in Algonquin Park. Better than meditation.

Not at all.

But, damn if I didn’t have a blast! Mister has wanted an ATV as long as I’ve known him and he got his wish. Our first weekend with our new toy was rainy, muddy, and more laughs than you can imagine. We put so many kilometres on that vehicle in 48 hours, that it is nearly due for its first service.

I honestly, did not anticipate loving the ride in the ATV as much as I did. We have the good fortune to be close to some of the best ATV trails in Ontario from our cottage (I had no idea!) and have seen the machines on our cottage road almost every weekend we are up. I was never really interested. I’m interested in sitting on the dock. I also thought it seemed boring but I was apparently the lone wolf. Now, I’m converted.

It won’t be an everyday adventure, but a couple hours here and there can bring you to some of the prettiest and most undiscovered parts of the area. We saw lakes we didn’t know existed and even a giant turtle crossing the path (none of which I got on video, of course). I’m certain we will continue to have a summer’s worth of adventures on each ride. Next time all the leaves will be on the trees and the canopy alone will be worth the outing.

Well done Mister. This toy is Me Approved.




  1. Awesome. Take me next. Xoxo

  2. Whiplash anyone?!?! Looked awesome but I believe I’ll pass.

  3. That looks like so much fun and the best part is your fourteen year-old now has some driving experience that’ll come in handy in a few years when it comes time to get that driver’s license.
    After all that jostling and mud driving a regular car will be easy.
    Christopher recently posted…One Thing In Common.My Profile

  4. Fun! I actually grew up in redneck country and never did that much ATV riding. However, several years ago we visited in-laws in Red Deer, Alberta and my brother-in-law took us out to ride ATV’s on a frozen lake. I was skeptical at first but ended up having a great time. That was definitely a new experience for me.

  5. You done gone and got yer’self a fancy ve-hic-le with a wind screen and everything. Great fun! PS.: rednecks say ‘yee-haw’. Not ‘who-hoo’. ?

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