June is Going to be Busy: 30 Day Writing Challenge

June is Going to be Busy: 30 Day Writing Challenge

I don’t know why, but I committed to posting daily in June. It has been years (I think five) since I have done this. I apologize in advance for the plethora of emails you will receive if you are a subscriber. I promise to go back to my lazy schedule of three posts per month in July.

My blog has been less popular since I changed my name. It has been like starting over. Maybe that is what I needed, to weed out the riff-raff and leave only you fabulous folks to hang out with me. The problem is when I go to release my book the three of you will have to buy all one thousand copies. That seems unreasonable so here I am trying to rebuild the house I had built. In order to do that, I gotta get back to my roots. In case you were wondering, that meant writing not colouring my hair. Maybe some of the great people I lost will come back. There is always hope.


I started to stress about it this morning. June is one of the three worst months for mothers. June, December, and September are all too busy to commit to anything. But maybe that is why I had to blog every day this month. Sure our daughter is graduating high school and we have events and people related to that. I have two personal commitments this month including four days of locking myself in a cabin all on my own to write the damn book I have been thinking about and a girls weekend. In addition, we have the final dance recital and a party for that, family staying at our house and a dinner celebration, Father’s Day, a going away party for a good friend, and my husband’s last day of work and the party that goes with that. All while the Raptors are killing it in the finals and life stops for the game. It’s a lot.

Isn’t that when we are at our best? When we have too much to even think about adding on another thing, the wafer-thin mint as it were. But unlike Mr. Creosote, I don’t plan to explode. I will write my tail off in the wee hours of the morning or in the toilet or dictate it in the car.

I might need a bucket, but I will walk away from this computer a better person for spewing my madness to some of my favourite people. I have had so much to tell you and not the drive to get it down, so here’s my engine running. Get out of the way or hop in the back. It will be a bumpy ride.


  1. You are a much braver person than I Kristine! Just getting my book proposal polished and submitted to Hay House May 29 was an accomplishment that I had committed to myself. Working with an editor (did you know they are the original masochists)? Gruelling, late nights, early mornings… committed to a schedule and life kept trying to knock me off it. I stopped blogging so I could complete it. Here you are tackling it all. You are definitely my hero! As you crack this nut daily I will be one of the three cheering you on each day. You crazy lovely woman, you!

  2. Can’t wait! Something to look forward to in June! I hadn’t realized you were only blogging 3 times/month – I thought it was my 12 year old computer starting to edit my intake. Hopefully, since we moved, things will settle down. But you and Rubber Shoes in Hell are my salvation. And now I get a taste of ‘out there’ every day for a month. Hot damn.

  3. When we all first accepted this challenge (WTF) I also had a moment of “Holy hell… I haven’t published 30 blog posts in a year, let alone a month” but then I quickly switched over to “what if this were easy”. Already, it’s been awesome reading a bit more about and gaining some insight into my fellow bloggers lives and kick-ass personalities so I’m SO glad we’re all doing this! And, BRILLIANT to post about posting!

  4. All of the cool kids are still here!

  5. Sounds like you have lots to write about! Looking forward to it !

  6. We got this ? although I admit to feeling many of the same things you expressed, this morning! BUT I posted my June 1 post with 1/2 hour to spare so here’s to celebrating the little milestones —Cheers!!

    The Juneau Home Blog

  7. Fantastic–I’m late to the party as usual but the good news is I have a few days to catch up on. And the good thing about June is it’s only thirty days. It’s not like you committed to write a post every day for the month of May, although on the other hand you could have committed to February.
    Also I really like how WordPress (and probably other blog thingies) allows you to write something in advance and schedule it. So if you got really inspired you could write thirty posts in a single day and then just sit back and let them drip out over a month.
    Christopher recently posted…In Harm’s Way.My Profile

  8. You know, I’ve subscribed to your blog like eleventybillion times and I never get an e-mail or an alert from wordpress when you post. Due to “things” it’s been a while since I’ve checked up on you and holy hell do I have some catching up to do!
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