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Philips pasta maker

Dear Pasta Maker, It has been a long time since I felt that tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. Butterflies people call it. I call it a craving. I have been unable to eat wheat, rice, and potatoes for so long–because my naturopath hates me–that I needed you to complete my......

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A Birth Announcement - Twins!

Dearest Friends, It is with great pride that I present the newest members of the Mum Revised family. Our BlendTec and the baby of the house, our VitaMix. We have lovingly called them Blenda and Blendless. I know that a household blessed with a Blenda is just being greedy by adopting a Blendless, but......

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water dispenser with love mum revised

Dearest Water Dispenser, We have had an 8-year relationship, and I am not sure if I have properly acknowledged your contribution to my life. Now I wish to do so. Your beautiful styling and functional cold and boiled water dispensing goodness are above reproach. We started on the filtered water road with your lackluster......

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