A Birth Announcement – Twins!

A Birth Announcement - Twins!

Dearest Friends,

It is with great pride that I present the newest members of the Mum Revised family. Our BlendTec and the baby of the house, our VitaMix. We have lovingly called them Blenda and Blendless.

I know that a household blessed with a Blenda is just being greedy by adopting a Blendless, but Mister was at a golf tournament recently, and they put Blendless into his hands, and he was in love. So we have two new babies.

Let me begin to tell you the magic of our babies. Unlike Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby, these children require no rides or money. They also never complain about what I feed them. So they are my new favourites.

Blenda came into the family only a month ago. She was the result of nine months of intense conversation and research between Mister and myself about bringing in the new bundle of joy. Lumpy smoothies is an oxymoron, and we were ‘enjoying’ them every morning. It was then that I travelled to the great land of Costco. I love to travel. Costco is like Europe except with more English and fewer churches.

Anyway, I was going to employ my usual travelling technique of sticking to the highlights and don’t even venture into the unknown (HA! That is not how I travel) when I veered. Autopilot is all I can say. I try not to walk down the shiny thing isle, or as I like to refer to it as the Avenue des Champs Elysées, but I deviated on this fateful day. I glanced at the Prada of pots and managed just a gentle caress before moving on. I ventured to the Cartier of coffee makers with a slight scoff knowing my coffee maker is superior.

That is when I saw it: The Bulgari of blenders. Its sleek, and shiny black box and clean lines drew me in. I was the only one in the aisle, and I took the opportunity to read the box thoroughly, and I may have even placed the pitcher on display against my cheek and said something like ‘you are coming home with me sweetie.’ But, that is just a maybe. This baby was one of the two babies we had looked at adopting and here she was in my hands. She smelled so new and clean. I mean, she is very practical.

I would like to say I thought long and hard about spending the money on this adoption, but I can’t say that. The box fell into my hands off the shelf, and I placed it like a newborn in my cart. I forgot what I was at Costco to get, ran to the checkout before anyone else wanted to adopt her and buckled her into my car. I did buckle her in. Sad, I know.

It only took one morning for the love to catch on. Mister was unsure, given the large price tag, but he took her for a spin and knew that she was ours. We give her bananas, spinach, and kale while our ‘other children’ have corn pops. So, we are trying to raise this child better. Third time’s a charm.

We had no intention of bringing another baby into our house. Blenda travelled with us to the cottage, and we were all happy. And then Mister went to that fateful golf tournament. You’ve heard about unconditional love. It is a train that is hard to stop. Mister had the express pass that day.

Upon testing the same smoothie is both of the Blenda’s one morning, I have to say our first choice is still the best. Blendless is going to the cottage while we have breakfast with Blenda every other day of the year. She just couldn’t compete with our first love.

And, just to prove how awesome our baby is, here she is on the interweb. She’s famous already.

I <3 Blenda


  1. Leaving Blendless in your cabin where you only visit once in a while sounds like punishment. Surely you can come up with another home use for it, like pulverizing expensive phones or other appliances that give you back talk!

  2. Congratulations on your newest addition but I would keep a close watch on any child that can destroy an iPhone.

  3. Congratulations.
    Although I can’t imagine needing anything that smooth!
    Jay recently posted…Deepwater HorizonMy Profile

  4. LOL. Congratulations on your twins!

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