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I Broke Up with My Barista
EG, With Love

I Broke Up with My Barista

To My Former Barista, We had a good thing going. You would write my name on a large cup when you saw me in line at Luke’s and would punch...

December 13, 2016
Friday F-Off: Flying With Kids
FFO (Friday F-Off)

Friday F-Off: Flying With Kids

Today I am angry with Air India.They recently made their first-class cabin an infant-free zone. So, you could be hob-nobbing with the stars (I mean the stars’ kids and nannies)...

November 25, 2016
Philips pasta maker
EG, With Love

To My Pasta Maker, With Love

Dear Pasta Maker, It has been a long time since I felt that tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. Butterflies people call it. I call it...

November 17, 2016