Live Like You Were Dying

Live Like You Were Dying

I’m back. I’ve missed y’all but I needed a break to take care of our family commitments.

I have so much to tell you, but here are the Coles Notes.

  1. I officiated a wedding this summer. So much fun (and nerve-wracking!)
  2. I participated in a writing/flash fiction competition this summer. I find out in November if I proceed to round 3.
  3. I took the entire summer off social media. It was devine!
  4. We finished an addition to our house. So, so good to be done.
  5. The dog got skunked. The day we paved the driveway and waved goodbye to our contractors. One thing done, now on to the next.
  6. We travelled to Eastern Europe. Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. So amazing!
  7. I turned 49 and decided to undertake a big project. That is what I’ll tell you about for now.

So, here is the project. I am going to try and do a new activity every week for the 50 weeks leading up to my 50th birthday (even I need a two week holiday). My friends have offered to help and they will appear in the videos on occasion.

I will write here sometimes when I am not filming, but mostly I will be trying to finish my novel. Really, I want to finish it, even if it is not the next greatest novel on the planet. Finishing is most of the battle at this point.

In the meantime, my inspiration will be my weekly activity. For those of you in the GTA (if you don’t know what GTA means, you will likely not be able to help), I am happy to have people join me on my crazy adventures and will gladly send you a list of proposed activities. If you still want to know what GTA is, it means Greater Toronto Area.

I will aim to publish a new video each week. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be updated when I post. Or subscribe here and you will get them that way too. Hell, subscribe to both so you don’t miss a minute.

I really missed hanging out with you guys. I hope too many of you didn’t leave me for greener pastures 🙂

Enjoy week 1. Learn everything you didn’t see in the video on BluntMoms HERE.




  1. Well, I saw at least 3 opportunities for you to visit the E.R. That’s very adventurous of you to attempt 50 new things – I hope most of them are danger-free. But then you’re still a young whippersnapper (whatever that is). I love your optimism, and look forward to watching (cringing) while you do all of your new things.
    Welcome back! Missed you!

  2. No black eyes? It’s a win. This is going to a fun year!

  3. I love watching your new adventures. So impressed with your batting ability but mostly the style with which you slammed your balls. How about being a dog walker for a day. Would love to see how you would control those puppies.

  4. I’m totally in the GTA and totally in on an adventure! Sign me up coach!

  5. Great idea! I turn 50 in June. I don’t have a 50 list but I am saying yes to things I would normally pass up. Enjoy!

  6. Love it Kristine!! You go girl. Maybe you need a trip to Denver in one of those weeks?

  7. Welcome back! Best of luck in your quest this year, both to finish your book (I am on similar track to complete mine by June 2018 altho not before my 50th which is a distant but fond memory!). Your adventures on your break sound fun!!

  8. I don’t know what’s more inspiring: you undertaking this amazing project, your batting prowess, or your shirt that says “Happiness is expensive.”

    I’m gonna go with the profusion of ball jokes.
    Christopher recently posted…Good And Scary.My Profile

  9. That was amazeballs! (Does that qualify as ball joke #11? Does that even qualify as a joke?) I’ve been gone from the blogosphere myself for a bit but trying to get back on track. I’m currently on my 50th trip around the sun which is scheduled for completion in a few months. So I’ll be sure to keep tuned in so I can live vicariously through you. 🙂
    Arionis recently posted…Not The Hiking Story I Thought I Would Be TellingMy Profile

  10. You are the best. What a fun challenge!!

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