Waking Up is Hard To Do–A Parody

Waking Up is Hard To Do--A Parody

Are you a morning person? Mister will tell you I am NOT. In fact, until the first coffee enters the bloodstream I am downright unbearable. So, when you are unbearable you sing, don’t you? Our children will tell you my singing is unbearable, so I thought I would do another parody for you. Goodnight.

No copyright infringement intended. Neil, I just plain old love this song. 


  1. Is there room under that great comforter for me too? They started mowing the lawn in the complex I live in at 7:30 AM today. Even the birds were quite at that hour. Of course, this is a retirement area, so that birds are probably old too! Don’t listen to your kids, your voice is fine. It’s just that everything about a parent is embarrassing at some point in their age.

  2. If your kids are complaining, then this is payback. How many times I have heard from you “Don’t sing Mom!” I love the song and your rendition is absolutely perfect. Keep singing – it extends your lifespan. xoxoxo

  3. i was yawning with you and really feeling the Zen and then omg…… jumped a mile when your alarm went off!!

  4. Yawning really is contagious. Now I want to go back to bed. That’s a great lullaby.
    There’s something to think about: technically any time you go crawl under that comforter to sleep you’re going back to bed.
    Christopher recently posted…Voices In My Head.My Profile

  5. You’re awesome. My singing voice is far far worse and so I I’ve to rewrite songs, but I can’t always bring myself to perform!!
    Patricia recently posted…Their Tiny Two-Cents WorthMy Profile

  6. That was awesome! How many takes? Also, my OCD/C compels me to point out that your watchband wasn’t stuck in that little thinger that holds the excess length down. There is something seriously wrong with me.
    Arionis recently posted…Eye Just Can’t Help MyselfMy Profile

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